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R.I.P Amelia Lebowitz
10/30/1987 - 5/10/2007

Yesterday at 12:09 pm, I recieved a call from former member of ONS and friend Dan Milillo. He called with some bad news. Our old friend Amelia Marcowitz had passed away the night before. Amelia had supported us so much and helped the band out with our 1st batches of T-shirts that we had ever printed. She made them by hand for free and out of the goodness of her heart. She had even gotten arrested for us. She will be missed and forever loved. Our next show, June 2nd, we will be dedicating our set to her. We love you and we miss you girl...keep it real and hold it down in heaven till we meet up. Rest in peace.
Well hello there! Eddie here. We're sorry for neglecting our website for so long! MYSPACE has taken over the universe! It is as if there is no logical point to having a website anymore! BUT, We are still going to have one just for you. Be happy. No, really, BE HAPPY. Lots of things have happened in the 8 months or so that we've been gone (from the website). We have entered the domain of Will Yip and his studio, apply named, The Music Shop. Will, a sweet young man of asian heritage who is a local musician and master at recording, has recorded such acts as The Fray, This Horror (form. Bury Your Own), Crumbler, Thru It All (RIP), Blacklisted, The March Hare, The Friendship Lounge, Cause To Confess (RIP), and Shutout. We have been working with him since September and we couldn't possibly be any happier with what we've came out with so far! As of right now, we have six close-to-finished songs: Tragedy At Owl Creek Bridge, This Red Sleeve, Verdict Capulet, I Want The Gold. Give Me The Gold., Motion Potion Post Play, and Everything In Jet Black. At home, I have been writing some new material that I plan on releasing probably in the next couple millenia...summer of 4045 sound good? (lame joke.) But seriously, the ideas that I have been coming up with and writing lately is very inspiring. It is exciting! I haven't felt this way about new material in a while....on second thought...we've basically been playing the same tunes for a couple of years now, so, it's probably about that time. I want to get into the studio ASAP and record them! Here are some titles of the new songs that I have been working on: God Help Me., A Song Not To Listen To If You Are Ever In Space, Burn All The Purple Cats, White Out, and The Lonelyman. Also, back in October we were named Teekup Magazine's Band Of The Year! We really appreciate everyone who voted and Teekup Magazine for the opportunity. They really like us! Anyways, sorry again for the lack of keeping up on our website. We have a plethora of new pictures that I want to throw up on here....which I will do another time. Sorry for being a lazy son of a bitch. Love you all.
Till Next time...
Eddie B.
What's up guys!? A lot is going on with us...a lot of good things. We were asked to be the "featured artist of the month" on! Also, we are featured in Teekup Magazine, a small zine throughout Reading, PA, where we are interviewed. Over the past couple weeks we have been creating and developing new ideas for some new songs! Isn't that exciting! We are excited. We will probably release our schedualed All The Difference EP later on this year then finish the new songs and hopefully put out a full-length album by next summer... WE ARE THE MONSTER.
Yoooooooo fellas and prostitutes we have great news! You can now check out a brand new version of our new single EVERYTHING IN JET BLACK (off of our soon-to-be-released album). Yea, it is Unmastered and all that jazz but we figured we'd give you a taste of what is to come. Check it out on our Myspace page and Purevolume site! Also come to the TROCADERO BALCONY on Tuesday JUNE 13th, we are playing with some AMAZING bands, including: LOVEHATEHERO (Ferret Records), THE DISTANCE (Abacus Recordings)! Tickets are $10 from us. Come on out!
We are still in the studio recording! Check out our shows coming up!
We are happy to introduce to you, John Becker, the new member of Onenightstand! However, we parted ways with our guitarist Dan Milillo due to complications. We are still all best friends with Danny and will always think of him in the highest way, as a brother. Thanks for so much man, we are looking forward to anything you end up doing because we know it will be sick! Anywoo, Check out our new shows coming up!
New York City was awesome! We want to thank the bands: Audiofiction, Base 2, and On My Signal for helping us out with the show. Anyway, we just added a new show March 1st @ The Holiday Inn on Street Road in Bensalem, PA! Check it out!
Happy New Year guys! Great news you all have been waiting for!
We have booked our first show back! Thanks to AUDIOFICTION (A touring band from NY,NY), on Saturday January 21st, we will be performing @ Sin- in Mannhattan New York, NY. By that time, we should be releasing at least two songs off of our new album as promos! We're back baby!
Hey guys and gals!
We know you guys are very eager for some actual new news, like how the cd is coming (more like when is that damn thing coming out!) or new shows. As a band, we have decided that we need to sit down, think, write, re-write, and make our songs the way they should be...with heart, feeling, inspiration, and truth. With truth we have to be true to ourselves and not only give you guys what you want, but for you to listen to songs that actually are us. No, we are not trying too hard be different or trying to be unlike anyone else. We just want to give you OUR music. (Of course, we definately are not saying our music, in anyway, is not ours nor are we saying it is not from the heart. It is and we love it all. We are simply just maturing!)
You have to understand that we are taking this very very seriously. We aren't doing it for "scene-kids", "the scene", "hardcore music" (nor do we call our music "hardcore" AT ALL),"myspace", "clicks", to be "cool", to get chicks, or any of that shit. We are artists. We are real. We are not fantasy.
Onenightstand, as a whole, are getting older, more mature, and thinking bigger. We love music. In fact, IT IS OUR LIVES and we want to make it our job, playing our music not only for Philadelphia but, for the whole world to hear. So, we are cracking down baby! With that, it may be some time till we play any actual shows or till you hear any of the new material from us. However, don't be discouraged by these words . When we feel like we have everything right and the way we want you to hear the new Onenightstand, you and your mom will know. We love you.
P.S: Congrats to VALENCIA for signing to I Surrender Records (MIDTOWN's label)! You guys did it! THE NEW VALENCIA CD, "THIS COULD BE A POSSIBILITY" HITS  STORES OCTOBER 25TH! Pick it up it's amazing! and I also want to congradulate our best friends in CAUSE TO CONFESS for making a fucking amazing record! Good luck guys your on the way! Holla atcha boy!
Ok we know we said no shows till our CD is finished but we love playing so much that we booked a couple more...C'mon, we cannot just stand around..we NEED to play shows! Thats what it is all about right?! Glad you agree. Thanx to everyone who came out to The Big Nick's Saloon Show last night, it was awesome! And a special thanks to Words Fade To Trauma for asking us to be on it. We have a sweet show this Friday at The Fraternal Hall Of The Eagle Hall with great bands such as Strikeout Semester, Valencia, and Remmington (Form. Anathema). I know we are syked! See you there!
Hey everyone! We have no shows coming up do to our finishing of the record. We were just in the studio a couple of days ago and we finished the vocals for the songs we have recorded! ...However, those song need to be edited, mastered, and all that jazz before we can give you what you want.  Also, we have to record 2 more songs in the studio and add them to the finished product. Just be patient! We refuse to give you a 88% great product...We want to give you a cd that shows our 110%. We are sorry for the wait...You already waited a year whats a couple more weeks! Love ya
<3 Eddie B.
New show at the Fraternal Order Of The Eagles Hall added!
Show friday be there! click here for more info!
New show just added this saturday at none other than the Woodbine! Everyone better come out, we're playing with some really awesome bands. Staying home would be a big no-no. click on shows for more info
Hey guys/gals, we want to thank all the people that came to our show on Friday. It was a kickass show! Also, a special thanks to the bands that played: Goodnight or Sleep, Lost in Line, VALENCIA, BELLVIEW, and A Sense Of Belonging...You guys all fucking rocked! Our next show is Friday, April 15th and it happens to be our very own Eddie B.'s 19th birthday!!! so buy him something! Just kidding! Just come and rock out with us that would be a good enough gift! Till next time kiddies...
P.S.: WE JUST ADDED A NEW PAGE TO OUR SITE'S PHOTO ALBUM!!! Click on the Page called "Photo Album (NEW)" on the Navigation Bar to see our most recent photographs!!!
What's up everyone! NEW SHOW ADDED! and one CANCELLED! so yea...they even out:) Check out the Shows page!
Hey, We just updated the "Upcoming events / shows" page, so check them out! 
Also, we are having some trouble booking our eastcoast summer tour...this is where you can help! If you can help at all by booking a show, giving us a booking contact info or just a website address for a cool place to play in your area... please let us know. The states we are looking to tour are as follows:
Massachusettes, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Washington D.C, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida
Hey everyone, we just wanted to let you know that we have BRAND NEW T-SHIRTS AVAILABLE at our upcoming shows!
T-Shirt Info
-Colors: Black/white logo, blue/white logo, pink/black logo, and grey/white logo.
-Sizes: YL, S, M
-Price: $8/shirt !
Hi guys, the show at Sacred Grounds  in Fallsington, PA, was a huge success! That place was packed! We want to say Thank You to everyone who came out and saw us...and also to Ever and a Day, Tungaska Blast, and Valencia (who are now one of our favorite local bands.)! Also, we sold all of our merch to the fans which was AWESOME! We will have more merch to sell at upcoming shows so make sure to stop by our merch table! And finally, our "All The Difference" EP will be out sometime in February...we are almost sure. If not you guys are just gonna have to suck it up.  :)  Till next time...
Hey everyone! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! It's 2005, can you believe it! Who was passd out drunk last weekend??!! Ed was huggin the john for a good part of the night. Best way to start off the new year! Hell yeah. Anyway, we have been writing a great deal the past month...Servin up some juicy music for you guys. We know you guys will like it. Oh yeah, come out to Sacred Grounds January 21st..we are trying to sell that joint out! Come one guys we can do it!
Till Next Time...
Hey friends. We are sorry to say that another one of our shows have been cancelled due to problems with the venue. Tonights show @ The RealLife Cafe is CANCELLED. This show and the "Redeemer Show" will be reschedualed soon as possible. Lots of love..
BAD NEWS EVERYONE..... Tonights show at Redeemer lutheran church has been CANCELLED, the people who run the school dicked us over big time we're really sorry . I hope you guys understand but dont worry the same show with the same bands will be happening soon.
I know what you are thinking..."Why don't these assholes ever update the news!" I know I know. Things have been really busy lately like: Writing new songs, booking shows, recording, getting our Merch started up again (which by the way wont be for a little while)..We gotta take one step at a time. We appreciate your patience! By the way...the December 11th show is gonna be soooo kick ass!! See you there! Till Next time...
Hey people. Lately, we've been writing new melodies for our cd and writing brand new songs as well. So it's been going strong! Everyone should attend our show @ Emilie Methodist Church this Friday (11/5)...It's gonna be nuckin futz! Seeya there!
Hey everyone. We haven't had a chance to update the news in a while so her goes it! Last Saturday, at Club HP, was fuckin AMAZING...Everyone and their mamma was there. We thank everyone who came to our show and rocked out with us! However, saddly, that show was our last show we would ever play at Club HP because the local rock haven (in which we played our first real show) is closing down for good at the end of this month....actually the last show at Club HP is October 23rd and it's supposed to be a hell of a show, featuring: The Chickpeas, The Travesty and more...You can find some of us there in the crowd rockin out..we hope you do the same! R.I.P Club HPizzle
Hey everyone. We want to thank for letting us play Pittsburg for the Choosapalooza tour, it was great! Also thank our new hobo friend Buddy Love, you made our time in Pittsburg...well...interesting! And last but not least we want to thank Motel 6 for putting a flier for a pizza place in our room...Anyway, Not to forget NJ! NJ was cool lots of cool people. thanks guys for coming out!
Things have been AMAZING lately! We are playing Pittsburg, PA for and playing The Hamilton St. Cafe in Bound Brook, NJ the same weekend! However, the Halloween show at Club HP has been cancelled due to difficulties....We are really REALLY bummed about that. Neon Productions is trying to find somewhere else to hold the show so it can still go on! If you can help out by looking into some halls/venues around the Philadelphia area it would be GREATLY appreciated! Just email us your info. ....Ok back to some more good news....Recording for the "All The Difference" EP is going is taking a little longer than expected..but ya can't rush these things, so bare with us! We hope you all buy a copy when it is finished!
We want to thank everyone who was apart of Club HP and all the people who go there. It is sad to say that the place where we played our very first show, is closing down. We <3 HP.
We have been chosen by and our fans to play some of the CHOOZA PALOOZA dates on their tour! Thank you to all of our friends and fans! We are just waiting to be confirmed about the dates!
Promo Pictures are uploaded to this site and PureVolume!!!! check it out!
Recording for our 2nd album has been booked at Ground Hog Studios! It's gonna rock your ass off! till next time...
The address for Council Rock South High School show has been posted under events, so go check it out if you need directions!
HEY GUYS...HELP US OUT!!! Vote for us to be on's CHOOSA PALOOZA!!! (coming to Philadelphia, PA on Sat, Oct 2 at 1-4pm) Just go to: and nominate us by clicking: "Nominate This Band."
What's up everyone! First off, we want to thank all the people who showed up at the Club HP show, Thursday, you guys made it amazing for us. Definately one of our best shows! Also, earlier that Thursday we had a full session of photos takin at a very cool location..definatley PRO! Some are up now on the PIX page but more will be up soon..HOORAH! Thanx guys, Till next time...
Hey everyone check us out on my space. - purevolume and now added onto Isound
ATTEND THE CLUB HP SHOW SCHEDUALED AUGUST 19th! BRING YOUR FRIENDS! check out out shows and events page for more info!
 please click here to vote so that we can  win the ernie ball battle of the bands and  play warped tour. PLease also check us out at purevolume.
We played a show at Sacred Grounds on Friday the 10th, It was awesome. EVery band played really well and the crowd wasnt so bad. Come back soon to find out when our next show will be.
I have a HUMUNGO announcement, MR. AJ BLume is now the official new ONENIGHTSTAND DRUMMER.WHOOOOO......
Thanks to everyone who came out to the show on friday, It was a really good time.. And so they died and cause to confess played excellent. Thanks alot for comin out.
We will definetly be playing our show on july second at club hp with and so they died and cause to confess. Our friends Aj Blume and chris clark will be filling in for jeff since he cannot make it. We'd like to thank them sooo much for their help.Please come check us out anyways.guarenteed to be awesome.later guys and gals
Whats up people. not alot going on right now. We start recording our second record june 25th. should be done by end of july , only so long due to the times we have booked sorry aobut that though.Been practicing alot things are going real well.  Thanks to lauren for having us play her party and to all the people who liked our acoustic set we were forced to play. later
New show has been booked thanks to our very good friends in the band And So they died. Check the upcoming shows page for more info.Check out And So they died on our links page.

whats up everyone its dan.. just workin on the site a little hope you guys like it. well honestly the band has been going through some issues the last month but thank god everyting has been worked out and solved as of the lats few days... we will be starting regular practice again this thursday and we will be playing a house party on june fourth .. well keep ya posted on that later...
Hey everyone. We were bored so we decided to change the site up a lil bit..yea..anyway preperation for recording is going great and just to celebrate, we are going to the  show featuring Valencia, Trunk Full of Dead Bodies, Strikeout Semester and Tokyo Rose @ The Faternal Hall of the Eagle in Fairlesshills, PA. We are going to be handing out free cds. Gotta go people it'll be a great show.  Till next time...
Greetings everyone. We apologize for not updating our site in a while, it's the craziness! I tell ya!  We are set to record our second album soon and we are not schedualing any shows till it is finished. Sorry guys and gals. But anyway, we are trying to book an East coast tour with Cause to Confess and a few other bands this summer..we'll see if that works out.
If anyone would like to see us play @ a location near them (East Coast), email us with the venue's name, number, address and whatever info you can gather up. Thank you.
Hey everyone. We have cancelled all upcoming shows due to the recording of our second album! We are not sure when we are going to finish but, if anything comes up we'll keep you posted.  Also, the new tee-shirt designs are finished and going to be ordered in full stock! Soon, you will be seeing a lot of people wearing them everywhere you go! (well..not really but whatev...) Buy one!       P.S. It's Eddie's B-Day today!  ...I Bid you farewell....
Hello friends.  We are currently in the process of designing brand new tee shirts! We will keep ya posted on that.  Also, we are writing more songs to put on the second record, which we will be recording soon. Word has it that we are going to release a full length CD after the second EP comes out... but thats just what I heard...(wink wink)  Til next time kiddies...
Greetings everyone.  Thanx to everyone who came out to Title 10 skatepark to see us and  life long buddies of ours, Cause to Confess.  Good luck to them with everything.  Make sure you go to see us at Big Nick's Saloon Sunday! Till next time... 
Hey everyone.  We were just asked to play a show for this friday at The TITLE 10 Skatepark. It's going to be a great time. We hope to see you there. Also, a band called BEFORE.I.BURN (from Williamstown, NJ) contacted us about setting up a show for a band called LORENE DRIVE (Lobster Records), from California on a US tour,  to play with us on Saturday, May 8th.  We are still in the process of setting that show up. We'll keep it posted. Till Next Time...
The TroC show was awesome, thanx for all the support everyone gave all of the bands.  NEW NEWS: We are trying out for a spot @ the VANS WARPED TOUR ERNIE BALL "LOCAL STAGE." New info about how you can vote for us coming up soon. Till next time...
We want to thank all of the great people and fans that attended the TITLE 10 SKATEPARK event earlier today, it really helped for a great cause. ..And was really fun!  We also want to thank everyone involved: The Systic Fibrosis Foundation, Pro Skater KERRY GETZ and NOCTURNAL SKATESHOP, and all the lil tikes. Thanx alot! Yay! KATIE WAS THERE!! (dont ask)
We want to thank everyone who was @ the Council Rock HS SOUTH's 2nd Annual talent show! It was an amazing production and the crowd was awsome. Thanx so much to the people who attended! Till next time...     p.s CHECK OUT THE UPCOMING SHOWS AND EVENTS!!!!!
Hey everyone.  We are playing THE TROC-MARCH 21st. We would love for EVERYONE to be there..Don't miss it! Also we just confirmed to Concerts First that we will be playing in their battle with many other local bands at THE TLA-MAY 2nd. To purchase tickets Email us! Til next time...
Hey people.  We are syked to say that we have a whole line of brand new songs that we will be introducing to our listeners at our upcoming shows!  Til next time...
Hey everyone.  We are sorry to say that we wont be playing the show @ Club HP on Friday the 20th.  However, our next show will be @ the Balcony at  the Troc so we'll see you there and we're bringin some new shit! ...till next time.
Hello and Happy Valentine's Day people.  The date for the TROC show is posted up on the show section of the site.  We plan to have a great show there and expect lots of energy from the audience.  If you wanna be a dorky, bored person then dont go, but..if you are cool, fun, and looking for a great time then we'll see you there!  Also, bring your cameras, and your friends cause we need more pix on the site and it would be awsome if you can send us pix to post. ok later.
What's up guys, We want to thank everyone who came out to yesterday's show.  We are constantly updating new shows and events to the site be sure to check them out. Lata.
Hi guys, we want to say we hope to see a lot of new faces at the show tomorrow. However, we have hired a replacement bassest for that show only, because Ed is unable to be play that show.  (sorry girls.) Smoochiewoochies.
Hey everyone, we hope everyone comes out to the Big Nick's Saloon Show on Sunday at 2 in the afternoon.  It's going to be a great show with awesome bands such as our friends Golden Opportunity and ChickPeas.  Be sure to check out more info by clicking the  "Upcoming events/ shows" button on the Navagation bar above.  Smoochiewoochies.
What's up everyone.  We are still currently working to get some new songs down...and working on how we are gonna set up MUSHROOM TATTOO TOUR ...this summer (tour with local bands Golden Oppurtunity and Cause to Confess)...we need to get rolling with this ASAP...holler at me!
Hey Everyone.  We are currently working on a few new songs. We hope you guys like them.  o and we want to say what's up to our new found friends Golden Opportunity.  You guys rock. 
MUSHROOM TATTOO TOUR 2004 baby!!!!haha
MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone...I know, I know ..we're late but come on gotsa spend time with the family.  Anyway, for Christmas we got some brand new equipment....Mike got a PAUL REED SMITH guitar (SICKKK), Dan got a new GIBSON Les Paul Custom (SWEEET), Jeff got a DW set with hott TAMA Iron-Cobra double-bass pedal (NUTTS), and Eddie B. got a new AMPEG bass-cab and head (WHOA)....if only we knew how to play....(joke)...Another thing, we are not selling t-shirts at the January shows...sorry people..they wont be ready in time, however, we will be selling cds!
As you can see, we are getting this website up and running! Finally!  although some parts are still not done....Anyways....We just released our first EP and is selling pretty good so far.  It will be available at the shows coming up at Club HP.  We will have a merchandise table there, and we will be selling : EPs, and possibly even tee-shirts..CDs will be sold $5 each and tee-shirts will be sold for $10-$12 each.  Be sure to get one!  Also, we will be featured on GROUND CONTROL's Sounds from the Underground compilation CD (those will be ghiven out for free.) However, we do not know when they will be available.  In speaking of the EP and CDs, we would like to thank Christian Grillo (that crazy mutha) from GROUND CONTROL RECORDING for making everything work out perfect..much love man...and oh yea...we are comin in again soon.wink wink