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  • Name: Eddie B.


Birthday: 4/15/86


Place of Birth: Philadelphia, PA


Position in band: Bass/ Vocals


Equipment Used: Warwick Standard Corvette 5 string bass, Spector 4 string custom bass, Ampeg B2R head and (2) Ampeg SVT 410HLF Cabinets


Favorite Bands: The Spill Canvas, Glassjaw, Underoath, Head Automatica, Coheed + Cambria, From First To Last, Funeral For A Friend, Story of the Year, Atreyu, Hawthorne Heights, Silverstein, A Static Lullaby, The Used, The Bled, From Autumn to Ashes, Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Fenix TX, AFI, Thursday, Lost Prophets, Jimmy Eat World, Finch, 311, Bleeding Through, Savestheday, Thrice, My Chemical Romance, The Blood Brothers, Led Zepplin, Nirvana, Metallica...groovy shit...and basically everything in between I dunno.


Favorite Local Bands:  Zoloff the Rock n' Roll Destroyer, Golden Opportunity, Cause to Confess, Trunk Full of Dead Bodies, Arms of Orion, Tomorrow Will Be Worse, and Sometime in April


Quote: "You're crazy, I like you, but you're crazy...(Oldschool)", "NOYCEEE", SUPPORT LOCAL AND ORIGINAL MUSIC!!!!



  • Name: Mike B.


Birthday: 4/18/87


Place of Birth: Philadelphia, PA


Position in band: Guitar/ Vocals


Equipment Used: Paul Reed Smith Custon 22, Epiphone Les Paul w/ Gibson pickups, 1974 Gibson Les Paul Custom, Marshall JCM 800 Lead Series Head, a vintage Sound City Cab, Shure Wireless system, Korg effects/tuning pedal.


Favorite Bands: Coheed + Cambria, Funeral For a Friend, Nirvana, From Autumn to Ashes, My Chemical Romance, Silverstein, Jimi Hendrix, Steve Vie, Story of the Year, AFI, The Used, Taking Back Sunday, Randy Rhodes, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Joe Satriani, Thursday, Finch, Thrice and Oldshool shit..and Metal..


Favorite Local Bands: Any band that plays their heart out and puts on a good show.


Quote: "If you try hard enough you can accomplsh anything."



  • Name: John Becker


Birthday: 2/23/87


Place of Birth: Philadelphia, PA


Position in band: Guitar


Equipment Used: Gibson SG Special, Marshall Hlf stack

Favorite Bands: Recieving Ends Of Sirens, ALOT

Favorite Local Bands: Cause to Confess, Thru It All


Quote: "......"



  • Name: AJ Blume


Birthday: 2/11/87


Place of Birth: Philadelphia, PA


Position in band: Drums


Equipment Used: PDP by DW, CX. 5 Piece Maple Fusion, Aquarian heads, Sabian cymbals, and Vater 5a sticks


Favorite Bands: My Chemical Romance, From First To Last, Thursday, The Used, Silverstein, The Bled, Silverstein, Taking Back Sunday, Funeral for a Friend, Alexisonfire, A Static Lullaby, Senses Fail, Underoath, and THE FIGHT!


Favorite Local Bands: One Dead Three Wounded, Grand finals, and Cause to Confess


Quote: "Sunnofa bitch"

Onenightstand (2004-2005lineup): (L to R) Mike, AJ, Eddie, Dan

Original Line-up(2003): (L to R) Dan, Ed, Mike, Jeff

OneNightStand...the beginning.


   All members, originally from Philadelphia, Pa, came together to form OneNightStand in Holland, PA.  In 2002 Brothers, Mike and Ed Barber, who had been playing music in many different bands together all their lives, heard that their new school was having a talent show.  They jumped at the chance to show there new community what they can do by starting a new band.  They asked a neighbor from down the street named Jeff Coval, who also goes to Council Rock South HS, to be their drummer.  With Jeff's unique and raw style of drumming they had a great feeling about it.  Together, the trio wrote a song called "The Stop".  After weeks of practicing their single, they were ready for the talent show. However, one thing was missing...a name.  They didn't come up with the name until the night of the show....They thought that the band would only play for the one night of the talent show so Mike thought of the name "OneNightStand". After the performance, the band was overwhelmed with screams and applause.  Everyone who attended the talent show loved the band and the song, so they decided to keep it.  Eventually, in the early spring of 2003, the band thought that it needed another guitar player.  They asked Dan Milillo, a friend from Philly who moved to the Neshaminy area, to try out.  Dan blew the rest of the members away the moment he began to play. So with this, their dream began. The bands been through alot and sad to say they've lost their original drummer, Jeff, to complications but with that gained an amazing new drummer and friend, AJ Blume.. AJ has been in several local Philadelphia bands such as EST and Glasshouse. Now, his heart is set in Onenightstand. In the winter of 2005-2006 complications arose with Dan and the band, so we had to find another guitarist to play in his place. Just recently, we met a fine young lad named John Becker through some old friends. John was perfect for the part! So there ya have it!